Watch video above: 29 minutes Owner & Founder, Sweet Vegan Vegan and allergen-free chocolates made with robust flavors, and real, fresh ingredients. Join Andrea Young for a step-by-step recipe for her Vegan Strawberry Sensations! BIO: Sweet Vegan grew out of Andrea’s love of creating healthy and delicious treats for people she cares about. Her goal is to create a chocolate that everyone can enjoy guilt-free. See her website here. While all of the chocolates are vegan

Watch video above: 5 minutes Owner, Cooper’s Daughter Spirits The Hudson Valley is booming with microbreweries and distilleries, but the female owned and operated Cooper’s Daughter Spirits on Olde York Farm located in the town of Claverack has a few aces up their sleeves. Learn more from Louise Newsome and team. BIO: Louise Newsome was born in Liverpool, England and came to the USA in 1987, making New York her permanent home in 1993. Leading

Watch video above: 4 minutes Owner, Charlotte’s Home Kitchen Join Charlotte Boyle for a Calendula Recovery Cake demo and learn more about her Hudson Valley vegan and gluten-free breads and cakes baked with fair trade, locally sourced ingredients. BIO: Charlotte’s Home Kitchen is a Hudson Valley-based baker, who established her business in 2020 during the pandemic after a long career in fashion.  She channeled her fashion sense into her baking business and makes cakes that are as

Watch video above: 3 minutes Yancey Migliore, co-owner, Whitecliff Vineyard Join Yancey Migliore, a co-owner of Whitecliff Vineyard, on a winery tour! This artisanal, family-run winery was created from the ground up by the Migliore family. They are dedicated to sustainability, environmentalism, and producing vegan wines they’re proud of.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO Watch video: 51 minutes Hear from moderator Kathleen Finlay, a leader in the regenerative agriculture movement for most of her career, along with Michelle Hughes, Linda Shiue, MD, Kanchan Koya, Ph.D, and Chef Ethan Frisch in a panel discussion on food, farming and “spicy health”. BIOS: Kathleen Finlay, President, Glynwood (moderator) Kathleen has been a leader in the regenerative agriculture movement for most of her career. She has also been instrumental

Watch video above: 15 minutes Pam, Tannwen and Reuwai Mount, Owners and Farmers, Terhune Orchards (NJ)  Pam, Tannwen and Reuwai Mount farm together along with father Gary. Join them on a tour of NJ’s Terhune Orchards in spring. Learn what makes this family farm so special for loyal local customers and visitors seeking to experience farming and fresh open air! BIO: Terhune Orchards is a family owned and operated 200-acre farm in Princeton, NJ. Pam, Tannwen

Watch video above: 3 minutes Chris Baker, Founder, Chicory Naturalist Did you know the springtime ramp craze has impacted the plant population in many areas? Certified forager, gardener and mushroom obsessive Chris Baker of Chicory Naturalist shares tips for how to correct course. BIO: Chris Baker is a certified forager, gardener, and mushroom obsessive who lives in the Hudson Valley with her partner and toddler. She has an M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of

Watch video above Carmen Ng and Evelyn Li, Co-Founders, Ocka Treats Carmen Ng and Evelyn Li, founders of Ocka Treats, an Australian food-inspired, colorful, vegan sweet treats business based in Brooklyn, NY, whip up delectable vegan cheesecake. BIO: Indulgence + nourishment! Ocka Treats makes a vegan and gluten-free version of the classic NY cheesecake in a variety of flavors made with all-natural ingredients. Founders Carmen and Evelyn wanted to make this iconic dessert to accommodate

Watch video above: 20 minutes Carrie Daschow, Owner, Atina Foods Atina Foods adapts traditional Ayurvedic recipes to incorporate global and locally available produce for unusually delicious fermented and preserved condiments that help to balance health and life. Join Carrie Dashow as she creates a delectable frosting out of their INJI PULI (Ginger Tamarind Herbal Jam), a south India digestif, traditionally used for feasting! BIO: Flavor and health, expertly preserved – Ayurvedic Condiments – made and adapted locally. The

Watch video above: 14 minutes Liz Neumark, Founder of Great Performances, Katchkie Farm and The Sylvia Center Liz Neumark is an American chef and entrepreneur, a member of the New York State Food Policy Council and the founder of The Sylvia Center, a nonprofit organization that inspires  healthy eating. Join Liz as she takes you on a virtual farm-to-fork tour! BIO: Liz Neumark founded Great Performances as a waitress-staffing agency for women in the arts,