Watch video above: 3 minutes Chris Baker, Founder, Chicory Naturalist Did you know the springtime ramp craze has impacted the plant population in many areas? Certified forager, gardener and mushroom obsessive Chris Baker of Chicory Naturalist shares tips for how to correct course. BIO: Chris Baker is a certified forager, gardener, and mushroom obsessive who lives in the Hudson Valley with her partner and toddler. She has an M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of

Watch video above: 1 minute Carmen Ng and Evelyn Li, Co-Founders, Ocka Treats Carmen Ng and Evelyn Li, founders of Ocka Treats, an Australian food-inspired, colorful, vegan sweet treats business based in Brooklyn, NY, whip up delectable vegan cheesecake. BIO: Indulgence + nourishment! Ocka Treats makes a vegan and gluten-free version of the classic NY cheesecake in a variety of flavors made with all-natural ingredients. Founders Carmen and Evelyn wanted to make this iconic dessert

Watch video above: 20 minutes Carrie Daschow, Owner, Atina Foods Atina Foods adapts traditional Ayurvedic recipes to incorporate global and locally available produce for unusually delicious fermented and preserved condiments that help to balance health and life. Join Carrie Dashow as she creates a delectable frosting out of their INJI PULI (Ginger Tamarind Herbal Jam), a south India digestif, traditionally used for feasting! BIO: Flavor and health, expertly preserved – Ayurvedic Condiments – made and adapted locally. The

Watch video above: 14 minutes Liz Neumark, Founder of Great Performances, Katchkie Farm and The Sylvia Center Liz Neumark is an American chef and entrepreneur, a member of the New York State Food Policy Council and the founder of The Sylvia Center, a nonprofit organization that inspires  healthy eating. Join Liz as she takes you on a virtual farm-to-fork tour! BIO: Liz Neumark founded Great Performances as a waitress-staffing agency for women in the arts,

Watch video above: 5 minutes Audrey Powell, Founder, Spicegrove Audrey Powell spent her formative years on her family’s farm in Jamaica with organic produce, ginger and hibiscus – ingredients that found their way into her beverage product Spicegrove Roselle. Join Audrey as she mixes up a spicy BBQ marinade, perfect for your next outdoor grilling party. BIO: In April 2018, Audrey launched Spicegrove, a beverage brand named after the family farm on which she spent her

Watch video above: 33 minutes Leslie Lennox, Owner, Hope’s Garden Leslie Lennox, founder of the artisan pesto company Hope’s Gardens, and author of thee cookbook “PESTO: The Modern Mother Sauce,” shows us that pesto need not be limited to its original ingredients. BIO: Leslie Lennox grew up outside NYC. In 2007, she founded Hope’s Gardens, an artisan pesto manufacturer with her husband Dave. Following creative stints in LA and ATL, Leslie returned to NYC with

Watch video above: 26 minutes Kristin White, CEO & Chief Chicken Wrangler, Chicken Librarian Have you jumped on the 2020 sourdough bandwagon? Have you wanted to but don’t know how to get started?  Join Kristin White, aka Chicken Librarian, as she shows you how to make, feed, and use your sourdough starter. BIO: Kristin White, aka Chicken Librarian, lives a handmade life while free ranging on the banks of the Delaware River, in the foothills

Watch video above: 11 minutes Judy Joo, The Food Network’s Iron Chef UK Resident judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America, restaurateur and executive chef, Chef Judy Joo’s expertise in Korean cooking led to her own shows: Judy Joo’s Return to Korea and Korean Food Made Simple. Since then she published her debut cookbook, Korean Food Made Simple. Join Chef Joo for a kimchi 101 workshop. BIO: In 2003, following an engineering degree at Columbia

Watch video above: 18 minutes Marianne Williamson, Author and Anti-Hunger Activist Hear Marianne Williamson’s talk on renewed consciousness & reverence for food and how we affect change locally. BIO:  Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author, non-profit and political activist, and spiritual thought leader. For over three decades Marianne has been a leader in spiritual and religiously progressive circles. She is the author of 14 books, four of which have been #1 New York Times best sellers. A