Variety Spotlight: RubyFrost

New York apples are delicious all year long! Presented in partnership with the New York Apple Association, check out the latest in our series of “Apple Spotlights!

Apple Variety: RubyFrost

Background: 10 years in the making and developed by Cornell University’s apple breeding program, RubyFrost apples reaching their peak flavor in the winter months. RubyFrost is an excellent choice for warm seasonal dishes, as well as an ideal baking apple thanks to its plump, luscious size. RubyFrost apples are the perfect balance of sweet and tart, deep and rich with a hearty crunch and ideal crisp texture. Be sure to try RubyFrost’s cousin apple, SnapDragon which was also developed by Cornell University.

Characteristics: Perfect balance of sweet and tart; Deep and rich with a hearty crunch and ideal crisp texture.

Best Uses: Excellent for eating, RubyFrost is the ultimate baking apple. Great for recipes both savory and sweet.

Recipe Ideas: Apple Cranberry Crostata. Baked Apples with Sausage, Rosemary and Pine Nut Stuffing. Apple Pie Donuts. Apple Wagon Wheels.

Availability: January through April.

U-Pick Locations: Check out the orchard locator and find the nearest farm to fulfill all your fall harvest and apple picking needs! You can also head over to the EscapeMaker’s guide to apple picking in New York State for some of our favorite farms and orchards.

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