Variety Spotlight: Golden Delicious

New York apples are delicious all year long! Presented in partnership with the New York Apple Association, check out the latest in our series of “Apple Spotlights!

Apple Variety: Golden Delicious

Background: Ever hear that Golden Delicious is the yellow cousin of the popular Red Delicious apple? Actually, they are related in name only, but this honey sweet apple is a special treat all on its own.

Characteristics: Mild, sweet flavor; Juicy; Crisp, light yellow flesh.

Best Uses: Excellent for eating, salads, and sauces. Good for pies, baking, and freezing. Hint: you can put less sugar in pies and sauces made from Golden Delicious apples, because of the natural sweetness these apples provide.

Recipe Ideas: Apple Biscuits. Overnight Apple & Sausage Casserole. New York Apple-Cado Salad. Mediterranean Couscous with Apples.

Availability: September through June.

U-Pick Locations: Check out the orchard locator and find the nearest farm to fulfill all your fall harvest and apple picking needs! You can also head over to the EscapeMaker’s guide to apple picking in New York State for some of our favorite farms and orchards.

For more apple varieties and details, visit the New York Apple Association varieties page


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