11001 Bethany Center Road, East Bethany, NY 14054, United States
11001 Bethany Center Road East Bethany New York 14054 US

Established in 1827, the Genesee County Poor House (originally a working farm) soon became a dumping ground for the outcasts of society. Widows and orphans mingled with lunatics and the unclaimed dead were buried on the property.  With over 1,700 documented deaths and hundreds not recorded, it’s no wonder Haunted North America rated it as the second most haunted site in the United States.

Quarantined – Nine hour private hunt.

Captive – Eight hour public hunt.

Detained – Four hour public hunt.

Psych Hold – Three hour public hunt.

Historical Tours – A 1 1/2 hour public guided tour of the buildings.

Flashlight Tours – Two hour public event on Sundays.

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