Top 5 Sustainable Agritourism Ideas
Photo Credit: Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing

From eating and drinking locally to sustainable farming to simply enjoying the great outdoors, there are so many ways we can travel and explore in an eco-friendly way across the region. Our environment is an ever-present topic and something we care deeply about, as agritourism is rooted in nature itself. We love to support partners with a focus on sustainability whenever possible and we know the rest of you EscapeMakers do too! Take a peek below at some fun and easy ways you can support these missions all year long.

Schooner Apollonia

1. Shop locally and sustainably with the Schooner Apollonia! The Apollonia is the Hudson Valley’s carbon-neutral merchant vessel. Powered by wind, the Apollonia can transport her cargo sustainably. This is not a living-history project trying to make the past “come alive”. There is a growing sail freight movement committed to relevant, intelligent solutions. This vessel is rigged and ready to work. Shop the upcoming voyage here for pick up at Fulton Stall Market.

2. Visit a sustainable farm! Apple Pond Farm in the Catskills is an 80-acre organic farm that grows fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, chickens, turkeys, sheep, and goats for wool, meat, and eggs.  The on-site Renewable Energy Education Center consists of a 120’ tower and 10kw wind turbine, 12.5 kw of solar electric, 64 solar thermal tubes, air-source heat pumps, a straw bale building, used vegetable oil truck and furnace, LED lighting, and other energy savings measures, which provide nearly 100% of their energy needs. Their farm tours educate the general public about the great ecological challenges of our time, provide opportunities to deepen appreciation of our kinship with the animals and to be inspired by the beauty and productivity of the land.

3. Explore the Long Island Sustainable Wine Trail. For almost 40 years, Long Island vineyards have worked hard to develop unique and safe practices for producing quality wine grapes. East End vineyards and wineries have grown to create their own definition of sustainability that is based on their role as stewards of the rich agricultural heritage of the North Fork of Long Island. Plan a getaway to Long Island and explore the numerous vineyards along the trail. 

Fulton Stall Market CSA

4. Looking to sip sustainable wine in New Jersey? Sky Acres Winery is an award-winning winery, located on 50 acres of pristine woodlands and pasture in Bedminster, New Jersey. The winery and vineyard is primarily used for research into new and more sustainable ways to make wine. Better quality wine with minimal water usage and minimal environmental impact is the goal. It is a test site to evaluate the patented GOfermentor® winemaking machine, SmartBarrel® aging system, and a home winemaking system the GOfermentor Jr®. These products are available at GOfermentor won the 2019 Innovation Award from the Wine Industry Network.

5. One of the easiest ways to shop, eat and live sustainably is to join a CSA! For over 25 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Learn more about the ins and outs of a CSA from Local Harvest. Need a recommendation for a good one? Check out Fulton Stall Market’s CSA, chock full of farm-fresh goods from produce to eggs to farmstead cheese to fresh pasta to meat to fish and more.


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