Stone Ridge Orchard

The land that is now Stone Ridge Orchard has been a productive, diversified farm for nearly two hundred years. Tucked away in the Roundout river valley between the Shawagunk and Catskill Mountains, they raise a wide variety of sustainably-grown gourmet fruits and vegetables.  Two centuries of farming apples, as well as many other crops, is fair proof that the Catskill mountain climate provides the perfect conditions for creating the high quality farm-fresh fruits and vegetables you can’t find just anywhere.

In 2008, Elizabeth Ryan of Breezy Hill Orchard took over management of the orcharf at Stone Ridge. Since then, Elizabeth has taken grear care to give the trees the care they need to prouce flavorful, high-quality fruit. Breezy Hill Orchard sells fruit from Stone Ridge Orchard, as well as a large line of artisan baked goods and cider, at more than 20 farmers markets in New York.

Visit the farm and enjoy cider tastings, wood fire pizza, U-Pick fruits, the farm stand, the farm bar, live music, special events and more.

Join for a special socially distanced farm event on Labor Day Weekend, Farm to Treble: Cider Blues & BBQ! Reserve tickets here


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