Homemade Chinese Dumplings Making Workshop – 8/21 at FSM


Homemade Chinese Dumplings Making Workshop – 8/21 at FSM


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Homemade Chinese Dumplings Making Workshop – August 21st
Fulton Stall Market
91 South St
New, NY 10038
Website: FultonStallMarket.org

Traditionally a festival only delicacy, Jiaozi, or commonly known as Chinese dumpling, is always shared among family members or a large group of people, making it a perfect party dish. Siyu, the instructor of the workshop, loves to share his dumpling making skills he learned from home with his friends and colleagues, which is also one of his go-to team-building activities.

In this workshop, we will be learning how to make traditional northern Chinese dumplings from scratch, including how to make the wraps and the stuffing, and 3 different ways of wrapping them. We will also be enjoying our own creations after a demonstration of how to boil and fry them.

Basic cooking skills like how to use a knife is preferred but not necessary. Just bring your culinary curiosity along and have some fun!

Note on Dietary Restriction: Pork and Chive, Egg and Chive (Vegetarian) will be served as stuffing but other recipes will also be provided. The dumplings are NOT gluten-free.

** Tickets are transferable but non-refundable and will be considered a charitable donation to the market if unused.