FULL ACCESS Virtual Agritourism Conference Pass

FULL ACCESS Virtual Agritourism Conference Pass


Full Virtual Agritourism Conference Pass with ALL 12 Workshops – 7+ Hours of Education


We invite farmers, innkeepers, winemakers, craft beverage producers and agri-focused destinations who want to grow and flourish to attend! All conference speakers are WOMEN, some M/WBE Certified and all share in the profits. A portion of your ticket also goes to Kiva, CityHarvest, Grow to Learn and Cornell Cooperative’s Small Farms Program.

The 24/7 FULL Conference Pass Includes:

1. Social Media for Food, Farm & Beverages on Instagram 101
2. Hosting Farm-to-Table & Cider Dinners
3. Offering On-Site Classes & Public Workshops
4. Rallying Your Resources for Group, Corporate & Motorcoach Business
5. Creating Farm, Winery & Craft Beverage Overnight Packages
6. Knowing Your Legal, Tax, Liability and Insurance Risks
7. Using Public Transit to Fuel Your Marketing Strategy
8. Capturing the Eco-Traveler & Making Green On-site Improvements
9. Social Media and Storytelling for Destinations
10. Craft Beverage Event & Trail Marketing
11. Adding Lodging to Enhance the Agritourism Experience
12. Hosting Tastings, Tours & Winery Events

Add any group or promo code at checkout. You will receive an email with as assigned username and password for access to the conference.