NYC’s Arthur Avenue Retail Market

NYC’s Arthur Avenue Retail Market

Italian heritage, cuisine, and hospitality are overtly observed when walking throughout Arthur Avenue. Since October of 1940, the public market has remained fixed along Belmont’s main thoroughfare as an established culinary beacon situated within the Bronx’s impressive Little Italy district. The surrounding area was almost exclusively Italian in the early 20th century and upon opening day Arthur Avenue has been predominately occupied by Italian vendors.

Today, once inside the boisterous space, the rich smells of hand rolled cigars and fresh cut capicola permeate the market air. Butchers and cheese mongers are observant on either side of the market while walking down the aisles of fresh produce, and at one end of the market lies a new beer hall. In a reserved corner cured meat are hung from the ceiling like the Italian and American flags that reside in the market space. The Italian bazaar is a Bronx secret just waiting to be explored.

Celebrate the vendors of this public market at the 2nd Annual Deck the Stalls Holiday Market. On December 8th in the Seaport District, and from December 13th – 15th at Essex Market, enjoy a special celebration of small businesses and local vendors that represent the unique cultures of New York City. Come shop, listen to live music, explore the market and get to know so many of the city’s vendors.

Some of the local favorites that will be represented at these special events include:

Gene Bean: Ice cream and Italian ice!

La Casa Grande Cigars: La Casa Grande Cigars proudly offers the finest and freshest selection of hand-rolled cigars in the New York City area.  Their cigars are freshly-rolled by artisans in their factory location in the world famous Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx.



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