New York Apples for the Holidays


Dear EscapeMakers
We support our apple growers all year-long and although picking
season may be over, get inspired to make a late fall weekend getaway!
Many farmers still have open farm store hours and/or supply their
local upstate restaurants with delicious apple baked goods.
Watch our “Apples for the Holidays” video brought to you by the New York Apple Association and with support of  Greenmarket!

…And if you’re anything like us after apple picking, you have
pounds of the delicious fall fruit on your counter, in your crisper
and ready to be cooked, stored and eaten. So…what to do with
them? The holidays are upon us and they’re calling for cakes, pies, cocktails, and more. Here are a few ideas to satisfy those apple cravings throughout the holiday season courtesy of the
New York Apple Association. 172 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217
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