Meet the Farmers: Shannon Mason & Dan Finn

Bovina Valley is a collection of regional, family-run businesses that have come together with a shared heritage and common purpose. Dating back to 1817, the 30 cow Jersey dairy farm, Cowbella, is home to 5th, 6th, and 7th generations of Danforths to have grown up and live on the farm.

Shannon Mason grew up as the 6th generation on the Danforth Jersey Farm when it was run by her Grandpa George.  After his passing in 2004, the farm called her back from city life to her roots.  The Jersey herd she inherited is one of the longest running in the country, and she started Cowbella Creamery on the farm in 2010 to share the amazing qualities of Jersey milk with her neighbors.

Love for her children and family drives her, the legacy given to her by her ancestors inspires her, and she is passionate about preserving what her 200 year old dairy and all small dairies give and represent in our world.

Dan Finn returned to his roots in the Catskills in 2000 and reconnected with his family’s heritage of award-winning cheesemaking.

Largely self-taught, the lure of cheese making was calling out to Dan through that old family history, and the desire to make a small farm viable again in these challenging times.

The fond memories of growing up surrounded by Bovina’s once thriving dairy community is a recurring theme in his adult life. His Great Grandfather had a reputation for his White Rose Cheddar cheese making in the early turn of the century and left a legacy of award-winning cheeses.



Visit the bovine ladies in the Great Western Catskills for a weekend getaway! Open Sunday 9AM – 5PM, or by appointment.


AMTRAK to Hudson Station + car rental for 1 hr 20 minute drive.



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