Meet the Farmers: Ken and Kimm Schick

It all began in 1998 when Ken and Kimm Schick bought an old dairy farm with over 200 acres in Fultonville, NY. They came from Northwestern NJ, a farming community that was slowly being sold off to developers and built up. They went to upstate NY to escape the noise and traffic that came with this development and get back to the country living and fell in love with this piece of heaven that has since become Hummingbird Hills Winery.

They are the first active winery in Montgomery County and are proud to say that all of their wines are produced right at the winery. The fruits used to produce the wine are also grown right on the farm: grapes, elderberries, apples and let’s not forget Dandelion! Hummingbird Hills offers several specialty wines, such as Eldeberry Delight, Lions Tooth Blend, several varieties of apple and many delicious grape wines. They use as little preservative as possible to bring out the natural flavor of the grapes or fruit in the fermenting process. The vineyards do not use chemicals on or around the grape vines. The fields having once been cow pastures were well fertilized and there are some weeds to contend with.

Their name Hummingbird Hills comes from their love affair with the hummingbirds and they have many that keep them company at the winery. Their tag line is “Escape from the Normal” and they mean it. Hummingbird Hills Wine is not like most wines you will taste, they have many unique blends and flavors. The atmosphere is very rustic and homey; you will enjoy spending an afternoon among friends pulled up to the bar.

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Visit the winery in Central New York for a weekend getaway! The winery is open Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm or any day of the week by appointment.


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