Meet the Farmer: Will Brown

Lowland Farm is named for the flat expanse of rich, grassy pastures and fields that slope into lofty hills skirted by the rambling Pochuck Creek. Farmer Will Brown aims to raise the farm’s animals responsibly, to graze its land in a sustainable fashion, and to price its grass-fed beef & pork reasonably. Lowland Farm’s cows spend their entire lives out of doors, grazing on open pastures in Amity, by the Black Dirt fields of Pine Island, NY. Cows are mixed breeds, including Angus, Hereford, and Devon. They graze on grass in the summer and in winter eat hay harvested from the bottomlands of the farm. Pigs are heritage breeds that live on feed and the fruits of their foraging. Not crowded into feedlots, they do not need, nor receive, antibiotics. They grow naturally, free of growth-promoting hormones.



Visit their farm store Saturdays year-round 10am-3pm.


Take NJ Bus Transit 2 hrs to Warwick, NY + Taxi 15 min.




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