Meet the Farmer: Laura Nywening

Peace and Carrots Farm is a 4-acre, 75-member, non-certified CSA in its fourth year. The farm has been a dairy operation for four generations and Peace and Carrots’ parcel takes up only 3 of about 200 acres that composes the farm as a whole. The farm is located in the Hudson Valley, which is known for its natural beauty.

Laura Nywening grew up on C.F. Johnson and Son Farm, making forts in the surrounding woods, riding her bike up and down the steep hills and showing cows each summer through 4-H at the Orange County Fair. Laura went to college at Westfield State University and earned her B.A. in History Education. She worked for the National Park Service on Assateague Island in Virginia before she volunteered for a year with Heifer Project International in Rutland, Massachusetts, where she realized her passion for educational farming. Before landing at Peace & Carrots, she worked for Keith’s Farm in Westtown, NY and Sandbrook Meadow Farm in Stockton, NJ to further her education in the art of growing organic vegetables.



Visit the Peace & Carrots website for upcoming events and updated information about living and working on the farm.


Coach USA bus to Chester, NY (1.5 hours) + Cab (5 minutes)




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