Meet the Farmer: Hanna Bail

Hanna Bail is proprietor of Threshold Farm, a small, diverse biodynamic farm, which is protected by the Columbia Land Conservancy. The farm specializes in tree fruit; vegetables; and grass-fed beef and pork, fed with strictly organic and soy free grain and the farm’s fruit and vegetables. Farm records dating from the 1700’s to present show that Threshold farm has never been treated with pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. The farm’s own cowherd fertilizes the fields and its nearly 100% orchard hygiene lends to the growth of organic/biodynamic peaches, pears and apples with exceptional flavor. The farm is off the grid, with a beautiful rammed earth room, where most of the materials have come from within a few hundred feet!


Call at least one day in advance to visit the farm.


AMTRAK to Hudson, NY (2 hours from NYC) + Cab (18 minutes).




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