Marie Voorhees: Little Piece of Heaven

Watch video above: 8 minutes

Marie Voorhees, Owner/Operator, Hidden Spring Lavender & Alpacas

Explore the scenic views and furry friends of Hidden Spring Lavender & Alpaca Farm with the farm’s owner and operator, Marie Vorhees.


Hidden Spring Lander & Alpacas is a 25-acre farm originated in the early 1800’s.  It was originally a cow farm with some goats, pigs, and chickens and had an orchard.  As time went by it evolved to many different types of farming.

When Marie Voorhees and her family purchased the farm 10 years ago, it was a general farm with Chickens & Goats.  When they originally moved there to help her parents with the farm, almost 20 years ago, they added the Stable and horse pastures and started boarding horses.  Eventually the Chickens and Goats were sold off.  Marie then purchased the farm from her Mother after her father passed, but Mom is still at the farm, helping when she can in the Lavender Shoppe.

Marie and her husband Steve run the farm themselves. They grow Lavender and Hay, and they have Alpacas and Horses and Honeybees.  All the Lavender products in the Gift Shoppe are made here on the farm. Days are filled with work!  They love what they do!


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