Lisa Held, Katy Keiffer & Jenna Liut: The Women of Heritage Radio on How to Pitch Your Story

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Hosts of the “Farm Report,” “What Doesn’t Kill You,” and “Eating Matters” radio shows on the Heritage Radio Network, Lisa Held, Katy Keiffer & Jenna Liut share their top tips for pitching your story to broadcasters and creative angles to target your audience over the air waves.


Lisa Held, Host of “The Farm Report“, Heritage Radio Network

Lisa Elaine Held is a journalist with a primary focus on covering food and agriculture. Her expertise is in introducing eaters to who produced their food, how it was grown, and how those people and processes relate to bigger social issues like environmental sustainability, economic and racial equality, and public health. She is a regular contributor to Civil Eats and also writes for Eater, Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, and Food Tank, among other publications. She has a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Northeastern University.


Katy Keiffer, Host of “What Doesn’t Kill You“, Heritage Radio Network

Katy Keiffer has worked in and around the food industry for over thirty years. First as a cook, then a butcher, a cookbook publicist, and finally, a food writer, Katy has been present for the massive transformation of the food industry in America. Growing up in a rural New England town where gardening, composting, bread baking and scratch cooking were part of daily life gave her a lifelong appreciation of how important good food is for body and soul.

A host at Heritage for over six years, she has spent the time engaging with a vast cohort of informed experts who have contributed enormous stores of knowledge about how our food system works, and how it doesn’t.


Jenna Liut, Host of “Eating Matters“, Heritage Radio Network

Jenna Liut is an external affairs and marketing specialist with both public and private sector experience in the food industry. In addition to hosting Eating Matters, she is currently the Head of Community Marketing and Communications at OurHarvest, NY’s only online farmers market connecting customers to the region’s best growers and artisanal producers at a fair price while fighting hunger in the communities they serve through their meal donation program. Prior to this, she was a consultant to food startups, nonprofits and CPG companies on a variety of communications, policy, and marketing initiatives. She also spent almost six years working for the Bloomberg Administration, both in the Mayor’s Office of Food Policy and at the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. While at City Hall, Jenna directly supported Bloomberg’s Head of Food Policy, a Mayoral appointee, in overseeing all healthy food access, food insecurity, and food system sustainability programs and policies across each of the city’s 11 agencies. Jenna has a Master in Public Administration degree from New York University and culinary training from the International Culinary Center (formerly, the French Culinary Institute).



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