Leslie Lennox: Pesto Demo

Watch video above: 33 minutes

Leslie Lennox, Owner, Hope’s Garden

Leslie Lennox, founder of the artisan pesto company Hope’s Gardens, and author of thee cookbook “PESTO: The Modern Mother Sauce,” shows us that pesto need not be limited to its original ingredients.


Leslie Lennox grew up outside NYC. In 2007, she founded Hope’s Gardens, an artisan pesto manufacturer with her husband Dave. Following creative stints in LA and ATL, Leslie returned to NYC with her family in 2016. Over the next 4 years she documented everything she learned as a “Pesto-preneur” in her first cookbook, PESTO: The Modern Mother Sauce. Up until the Pandemic, Leslie could be found doing classes, PESTO events and demos around the country. She is looking forward to getting back out there sharing her love of pesto and all things edible.


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