Jennifer’s Tips for Getting Your Business “Group Ready”

Download Jennifer’s course, “Rallying Your Resources for Group, Corporate & Motorcoach Business” here.

Jennifer Ackerson, President of ALON Marketing Group, is a 25+ year veteran of the travel industry with direct experience working in all tourism business categories. Jennifer has an excellent understanding of group visitation and the tourism dynamic. This expertise results in a high level of successful strategic tourism business development for both tourism suppliers and destinations in the domestic and international group markets.

In her training course, learn how to become “group ready”! Working with groups is different than working with walk-in visitors. There are techniques and how-to’s that can make your business run seamlessly when working with groups. Even better, there are opportunities to garner repeat business and increase your revenue by diversifying your audience of customers. In Jennifer’s workshop, absorb invaluable insights about effectively harnessing the group market. Although this workshop focuses on NY State examples, these concepts can easily apply to any area with agritourism offerings.

“I always like to solidify the impact of tourism in the beginning of our presentation because the numbers make the case for you to get excited about putting your action plan into place,” Jennifer explains. “In 2017, New York State welcomed a record-high 243.8 million visitors. This marks an 18% increase in statewide visitation since 2011.”

Download Jennifer’s course, “Rallying Your Resources for Group, Corporate & Motorcoach Business” here.


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