HOW TO: Social Media and Storytelling for Destinations

Download Danielle’s course, “Social Media and Storytelling for Destinations” here.

Danielle is a Capricorn on a mission to help farm, food and lifestyle brands succeed using the power of digital media. For the past 22 years, she’s had her hand in marketing – working with businesses big and small, across all platforms and genres. Working in print, radio and now digital, she’s seen marketing shift like never before and at such a rapid speed. Reading and researching, she keeps up on trends and best practices for her clients, including Sullivan Catskills Tourism, Narrowsburg Farmer’s Market and Whitestag Farm. She’s currently offering a social media intensive online class online called Super Fine Social.

In Danielle’s training course, learn to up the strength of your social media game through storytelling. This workshop, which focuses on promoting destinations, increases your skill level and will help you reach and engage your target customers. Learn how to create a strategy that builds awareness and drives traffic while streamlining the process for proper in-house engagements. Danielle uses specific case studies to show low cost and effective ways you can leverage content creation from your customers and fans.

“Attention is the most valuable commodity in marketing,” Danielle explains. “And if you’re not producing a strong content strategy that incorporates the user experience, it’s kind of like shouting out into the wind.”

Download Danielle’s course, “Social Media and Storytelling for Destinations” here.


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