How To: Host Tastings, Tours & Winery Events

Download Chelsea’s course, “Hosting Tastings, Tours & Winery Events” here.

As a freelance Food Programming and Events Consultant, Chelsea Snider is serving clients in the Catskills/Hudson Valley to up their hospitality game, boost sales, and enable their space to host big occasions and intimate gatherings. Chelsea will help you identify ways to express your business identity through creating memorable, joyful and educational experiences.

In Chelsea’s training course, she will walk you through the do’s and don’ts of event planning — from weddings to concerts to private tastings — specifically for wineries. Everything from the ambiance and mood to the decor and lighting will help set the tone for a successful event that your guests will be sure to remember. As they say, it’s all in the details … but knowing what to anticipate and what to have a Plan B, C & D for can make or break an event!

Chelsea explains, “we are in the sensory business, are we not? And wine is for pleasure seekers. So frame the delivery of a tasting around creating a moment of pure enjoyment. While the quality of the wine will speak for itself, it is your job to set a stage where all obstacles to the path of enjoyment are removed. And in that way it is as much a moment of theater as it is a direct sales opportunity.” 

Download Chelsea’s course, “Hosting Tastings, Tours & Winery Events” here.


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