Featured Farm: Bobolink Dairy Farm & Bakehouse

This past spring, the US Department of Agriculture released results from the 2017 Farm Census, which is taken every five years. For the first time, the survey allowed farming families to list more than one “principal” farmer. Couples who own farms no longer must designate one person—usually a husband—as the principal farmer. As a result, women as a percent of farmers has risen by 26% nationwide and by 36% in New Jersey. Some of this increase may be real—more women involved in farming than in 2012. But most of it is surely due to the methodology change, which finally gives women credit for their work in agriculture.

You can support and celebrate these innovative, hard working, resilient women by visiting their Central New Jersey farms, farm markets, farm stands or dining in farm-to-table restaurants or farm-to-fork events where their foods are sourced.

Nina White, Farmer & Master Baker at Bobolink Dairy Farm & Bakehouse operates her multi-faceted regenerative farm along with her husband Jonathan. Nina heads the wood-fired bakery, while working with Jonathan to run their cheese, beef, and whey-fed pork production. In addition to making bread and pastries with heirloom grains in a wood-fired oven and selling all of their products at farmer’s markets in the NYC metro area, they offer 1-hour farm tours, on farm special events and concerts, hands-on bread-making, cheese-making and charcuterie classes.

Check out the rest of the Central New Jersey women who tirelessly work to put food on our table. Download the NEW agritourism map over at DiscoverCentralNJ.com and start planning your farm escape! And if you’re car-less, many of these farms are just a quick cab ride away from the nearest bus or train stop via NJ Transit or Transbridge Bus (New Brunswick, Frenchtown, Somerville, Princeton) with service from NYC.


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