Enhancing the Agritourism Experience via Lodging

Download Erica’s course, “Adding Lodging to Enhance the Agritourism Experience” here.

Erica Frenay is the owner/operator of Shelterbelt Farm, a small farm near Ithaca, NY producing grass-fed lamb and beef, pastured eggs, fruits and berries, baby ginger, and raw honey. In 2018 she and her husband also began welcoming overnight guests to stay on their farm in glamping tents. For the past 14 years, she has been working for the Cornell Small Farms Program, developing resources and networks to support beginning farmers. Currently Erica manages their portfolio of 2 dozen online courses for farmers, and serves as the Cornell Small Program’s livestock specialist. She is also a mentor for a train-the-trainer program in Whole Farm Planning, and is an instructor for various courses with the Groundswell Center for Food and Farming.

In Erica’s training course, get up to speed on all the considerations when adding overnight accommodations to a site via the story of her foray into hosting overnight guests in two furnished glamping tents. By covering topics including resource assessment, regulations and zoning, pricing, insurance, guest amenities, hosting platforms, and more, you’ll leave feeling more equipped to make a decision about whether adding overnight lodging is the right decision for you.

“We did not just have $28,000 waiting around to invest in this so we got a 0% interest crowd-sourced loan from kiva.org…. It’s a global network that supports entrepreneurs and if you’re not familiar with it, I definitely recommend checking it out… It’s a really fabulous resource and it’s quite unlike a conventional loan because it’s all based on social capital,” explains Erica.

Download Erica’s course, “Adding Lodging to Enhance the Agritourism Experience” here.


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