Donna’s Tips for Using Public Transit to Fuel Your Marketing Strategy

Download Donna’s course, “Using Public Transit to Fuel Your Marketing Strategyhere.

Between her former marketing and promotions positions at Dutchess County Tourism, at New York City Transit and her current position at Metro-North Railroad, Donna Haynes has nearly 20 years of experience with promotional partnership and leisure travel marketing in the public transportation industry. Tourism marketing, corporate sponsorship and sales promotions are just a few of the areas that are woven into her day to day professional arena. Her specialties include: relationship building and partnership development, packaging, marketing campaign planning and placement, leisure travel marketing to support destination and transportation business success.

As more travelers opt for car-less travel to save money, time and the planet, destinations need to position themselves to capitalize on the green travel movement. In Donna’s training course, learn how to help your visitors connect the dots and understand why your address and a google map are not enough. Donna will touch on creating travel packages for customer value, discount rail packages, rail & tour offers, hotel packages and marketing channels for promoting the packages. Find out how to lead visitors to your doorstep with travel information that leaves a breadcrumb trail at all of your touch points.

“When you’re talking about getting this audience to come up to your destination, you need to think about how are they going to get there,” says Donna. “Are you close to the train station? Is there a bus stop nearby? Are they going to have to take the train and then take a cab? How much does that cab ride cost and how far is that cab and is that service available? Do you have Uber and Lyft that service your destination? How long would it take… there are just so many questions you have to ask.”

Download Donna’s course, “Using Public Transit to Fuel Your Marketing Strategyhere.


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