Danielle Gaebel: Storytelling for Food & Farm Biz

Watch video above: 38 minutes

Danielle Gaebel, Co-Founder, Social Media Coach & Marketing Strategist, Superfine Social

Super Fine Social Media expert, Danielle Gaebel, will show you how to strengthen your following through storytelling.  Learn how to  create a strategy that builds awareness and drives traffic while streamlining the process for proper in-house engagements.


Danielle is on a mission to help local small businesses harness the power of social media to increase traffic and sales without the hassle and headache of figuring it out alone. She’s a small business owner, multi-passionate entrepreneur, social media coach, marketing strategist, and co-founder of Superfine Social. For the past 23 years, Danielle has helped hundreds of small businesses grow their brands in print, radio and digital. She lives in the beautiful state of New York where the Upper Delaware River meets the lower Catskill Mountains with her wife and business partner, Jennifer, and their two teens and two pups. For information on her Courses, Coaching and Workshops, visit SuperfineSocial.com.


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