Connecticut Discoveries – A Tour of All Things Connecticut

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Connecticut Discoveries

We spend our time living and working here, but often, we overlook some of the most intriguing and exciting offerings. There are often things that are right under our noses. A rich history, a touch of nature, a vibrant landscape of people and places, all Connecticut, and all discoveries to be made. In this issue of Connecticut Discoveries we’d like to take you on a trip to some interesting places that we found.

Bomb Shelter Wine Horse Ridge Cellars: A Cold War-era bomb shelter in Stafford, Conn., has been converted to a state-of-the-art and wine storage facility that caters to elite wine collectors in America and the world. The original natives of the area found healing powers in the local mineral springs and that brought the elite of colonial society. Today, the elite of society still come to Stafford, but for a very different reason. They come for Horse Ridge Cellars. Click to Horse Ridge Cellars for more information.

Postcards Of Days Gone By Antiquarian & Landmarks Society: Take a photographic tour of Connecticut leisure time in days of yore. Snapshots of leisure can show the way it once was in Connecticut. You can stop and see pictures of the Grove in West Haven, where an ice-cold milkshake cost only 5 cents. How about scenes of families soaking up the sun at Seaside Park in Bridgeport? Or, a picture, or two, of thrillseekers riding the rollercoaster at Hartford’s Capitol Park? These, and many more, are there for the viewing. Click to The Antiquarian & Landmarks Society for more information.

SoNo Nights SoNo Restaurant: You will find a little taste of downtown Manhattan right here in South Norwalk, Conn. SoNo has countless restaurants, bars, coffee houses and nightclubs to cater to anyone looking to have a fun night on the town. Click to any of the following links for more information on SoNo places of interest. * Barcelona Restaurant and Bar * Connecticut’s Best Restaurants * Escapemaker Blue

Ribbon Fly Fishing Fishing On A Connecticut River: Connecticut is home to two of the finest trout fisheries in the northeast: The Housatonic and Farmington Rivers. Click to any of the following links for more information on fishing on Connecticut rivers. * Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection * Virtual Flybox * Housatonic Anglers * Up Country Sport Fishing

Ukulele Fever Ukulele: The next generation of the ukulele was designed and is being manufactured by a small company in New Hartford, Conn. Click to Flea Market Music for more information.

Favorite Foods And when you’re talking about “Discoveries,” how about discovering some of Connecticut’s favorite eats. Some of Connecticut’s favorite places for a quick gastronomic treat. * Phillips Diner, Woodbury (Doughnuts) * Ted’s Restaurant, Meriden (Steamed Cheeseburgers) * Blackie’s, Cheshire (Hot Dogs/Relish) * Frank Pepe Pizzeria, New Haven (Pizza) * Louis’ Lunch Thanks for spending some time with us. We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering some new and interesting places right here in your own back yard. There’s no end to the wealth of discovery, big and small, here in Connecticut.