Hello, EscapeMakers! Welcome to another edition of Plate & Escape! We are thrilled to share this digital cooking series with you, which aims to connect the dots between shopping locally, cooking seasonally, forming relationships with your local farmers, and ultimately taking a trip to see for yourself where your food comes from. Follow along as we shop for fresh ingredients from NYC Greenmarkets, cook and share simple and delicious recipes, and provide information on when

Oh, sweet summertime, how we’ve been longing for you! With your bright shining sun, long days and – most importantly – your seasonal produce! Is it just me, or does your diet automatically become healthier come warmer months? I’m just constantly surrounded by fresh ripe berries, bright leafy greens, colorful summer squash, and more. The raw deliciousness is a no-brainer. So while perusing the market this week, I was inspired by an abundance of colorful

Happy New Year, EscapeMakers! We’re excited to kick off the year with a whole new calendar of wintry and delicious Plate & Escape recipes and adventures. This week, in honor of our upcoming Local Food & Craft Beverage Tasting Showcase (scroll down for details), we did our shopping at Seaport District jewel Fulton Stall Market (FSM). FSM is a marketplace for local foods, connecting farmers and producers with the growing Lower Manhattan community, and a place

This time of year, I run into two cooking woes. 1) What to make when I’m too tired and lazy to chop and prep and use every one of my pots and pants, and 2) what’s a quick and easy bite to make/bring to one of the many holiday parties popping up on my calendar? This quick, easy, farm-fresh dish is the perfect solution to both! It takes 10 minutes, makes very little mess, and

It always feels like there is a very short period after that Thanksgiving feast where you can rest and fill up on detoxifying veggies and wholesome foods in preparation for the onslaught of holiday cookies, cocktail hours, treats, and sweets that descend upon you each December. I try to take advantage of the wintry assortment of vegetables the NYC Greenmarkets have to offer this time of year. My go-to dish is roasted root vegetables. Warm,

I don’t know about you, but with the holidays creeping closer and closer, I’ve got dessert on my brain! After my plentiful and autumnal shopping trip to the Union Square Greenmarket last week (check out the Overnight Oats post for all the details), my pantry and fridge were still spilling over with Breezy Hill Orchard apples and cranberries and Greenmarket Grains Project rolled oats. So I created a “part 2 recipe” from those leftover ingredients. A

Welcome back to the second edition of Plate & Escape! The autumn markets are absolutely bustling right now, so I was in my ultimate happy place, spending a morning at the Wednesday Union Square Greenmarket to indulge in the seasonal beauty and pick up a few things for this week’s recipe, which celebrates the connection between you and your food. If you guys are anything like us, your fall has been utterly bursting with apples.