Variety Spotlight: Gala

The fall season is all about apples in New York state! What better way to pay tribute to these sweet, juicy jewels of the earth than to talk about their delicious characteristics, the endless potential for ways to eat them, and, of course, where you can pick them this season. Presented in partnership with the New York Apple Association, check out the first in our series of “Apple Spotlights!

Apple Variety: Gala

Background: A great choice for snacking, Gala is a variety developed in New Zealand. It’s got the mild flavor that “picky eaters” prefer, plus a striking bright yellow-red color that also makes it visually appealing. Officially the second most popular variety in the US now (after Red Delicious), according to our friends at Fishkill Farms.

Characteristics: Mild sweet flavor; juicy; crisp, creamy yellow flesh

Best Uses: Excellent for eating raw

Recipe Ideas: Classic Waldrof Salad, Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats, New York Apple Wheat Berry Salad, Apple Cheddar Panini

Availability: September through June

U-Pick Locations: Hop on our Apple Picking Farm Fresh Tours to pick a variety of your own apples at Kesicke Farm,Rose Hill Farm,Greig Farm and more!

Check out the orchard locator and find the nearest farm to fulfill all your fall fall harvest and apple picking needs! You can also head over to the EscapeMaker’s guide to apple picking in New York State for some of our favorite farms and orchards.

For more apple varieties and details, visit the New York Apple Association varieties page


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