Agritourism Legal, Liability & Insurance 101

Download Cari’s course, “Basics of Agritourism Legal, Liability & Insurance Risks” here.

Cari Rincker is the owner of Rincker Law, PLLC, a national general practice law firm concentrating in food and agriculture law with offices in New York and Illinois. She is licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois and Washington D.C. She is a prolific writer and blogger on a myriad of food and agriculture law topics and has been recognized as an author of a Top 100 Blawg from the American Bar Association. She is the co-author of “Field Manual: Legal Guide for New York Farmers & Food Entrepreneurs.” Cari’s passion for agriculture issues is deeply rooted.

Whether its assessing your corporate structure, tax issues and estate planning or minimizing your liability risks, you’ll walk away from Cari’s training course with actionable steps and some free and low-cost tips you can immediately put into place. The workshop will also give an overview of  general releases and types of insurance. You’ll feel prepared to tackle any challenge and will breath a sign of relief knowing where you need to shore up to protect yourself, your family and your business.

“A rider should be obtained for things like a petting zoo, corn maze, farm tours or festivals and the premiums will be affected primarily by the type of activity that you are implementing into your agritourism or agri-tainment operation,” explains Cari. 

Download Cari’s course, “Basics of Agritourism Legal, Liability & Insurance Risks” here.


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